E Cigarettes: The Number One Reasons to Swap Out

If you smoke cigarettes and have given no thought to replacing them with e cigarettes, there are many terrific reasons why you should. Surely you know about the addictive components in nicotine, and probably feel that trading over to e cigs could be hard to do. The fact of the matter is that it isn’t. Really, e cigs furnish a sanitised type of nicotine which gratifies the hunger without leaving you in harms way with the contaminants and deadly chemicals found in tobacco smoke. Ready to switch yet? To discover additional reasons to swap out, read more.

E Cigarettes: Doesn’t Cause Smoke, Ashes, or Flame

E cigarettes includes a type of liquid nicotine which travels to the lungs whenever the “vaper” (not smoker) draws in. Whenever the vapour puffs out, it lets off a mere non-poisonous vapour. You don’t have to be concerned with finding a way to light up your cigarette, although the tip of the e cig has a realistic red glow, it’s really an LED replication. Being that the e cig won’t leave behind any waste, there’s no fret over how to dispose of cigarette butts. Electronic cigarettes don’t have to adhere to the smoking ban.

E Cigarettes: No Odours, No Stains

Smokers are aware that tobacco smoke odour saturates their clothes, skin, and hair. Most of the time, those who smoke a lot are left with horrible stains on their fingers which are not easy to take away. Smokers are left with hideous stained teeth too. Example, When you keep smoking in the very same room – a bedroom or parlour, residue collects on walls and furniture, causing a gummy, foul film to remain. It’s also very likely that your breath is very unpleasant. In actuality, there’s a minor odour that’s in the vapouor of the e cig; yet, it is almost a million times better than the intolerable cigarette smoke.

E Cigarettes: Not a Fire Hazard

Can you even count the number of stories you’ve been told about or have seen where people incinerate their own selves and their homes from smoking in bed? Being that e cigs do not necessitate a flame, it is there is no danger of fire. Yes, there’s a micro-miniature heating element inside an e cig that works to vaporise the liquid nicotine it contains, but it’s engaged for just a few seconds whenever the vaper inhales. Witness the amount of burned places on your furniture and car upholstery. Within the UK, entirely a third of every death connected to fire is a result of cigarettes. Haven’t you been persuaded yet to take a less harmful approach?

E Cigarettes: No Dangerous Tar

As far as unhealthy habits go, smoking is at the top of the list. There isn’t anything that’s probably going to devastate your health as badly as tobacco usage Smoking is a primary cause of heart disease and lung cancer, thanks to tar, a gummy residue that accumulates in the lungs. Smoking can be accountable for having emphysema, a weakening and killer lung disease. Ever hear of “smoker’s cough”? Can you think of a good reason to keep on until something like this hits you? The e cig is the perfect answer for smokers who don’t want to quit the habit yet.

What’s  holding  you up? Change to e cigarettes today!

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